Aleister Crowley Miniature - Victorianna 32 MM Mini
Catherine consiglio crowely render final 1
Catherine consiglio crowely render final 2

Victoriana - Crowely Miniature Turntable

Here is the second mini, Aleister Crowley, I created for the Victoriana board game by Games Afoot coming out this fall. This will be a 32mm 3D printed miniature.

I learned a lot doing this project and had a lot of fun sculpting such a notorious individual and trying to exaggerate his character.

I sculpted him in Zbrush with some hardsurface accents in Blender. For the pants I created a base mesh in Marvelous Designer and hand sculpted a lot of the detail.

I will be sculpting the rest of the miniatures for this game as well, and you will be able to watch that live on my Twitch channel here:

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You can check out the game here: